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    Laëlinn - MSD DollLove Alina

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    This picture is dedicated to Kawaii And Cute and her beautiful Rosie ^^' (yeeees she's gorgeous !!)
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    bjd, msd, dolllove, 44cm, eyes, makeup, default, wig, luts, pink, skin, alina
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    • tremendous rainstorm : omg, OMG *3* she is soooo pretty woooooho suuuuper congras on getting her <3 i totally adore her! the eyes ar eso magical and cute! and her smile too ^3^ awwwn
    • Flanwww : MA-GNI-FIQUE. Je l'adore, make up parfait et ses yeux... *3*
    • -Ticlo- : [http://www.flickr.com/photos/rina_loves_jassem] Thank youuu *O* !! At the end, I think I will not change the eyes, everyone loves them ^^', and me too ^v^ [http://www.flickr.com/photos/flandre-stream] MERCHIIII *O*
    • LFFalavigna : WOOOOOOOW SHE'S PERFECT ISN'T SHE?!! She looks very beautiful with this wig!!!! Congrats!!!! And thanks for the dedicated picture! Rosie is saying hi for her twin sister hehehehe what's her name?
    • LFFalavigna : I haven't read the tittle --' her name is so cute!! I'm in love with how she looks with this color of wig, I want one for Rosie *-* and a black and short one too hehe
    • -Ticlo- : [http://www.flickr.com/photos/cuteandlolita] YEAAAH SHE IIIIIIS !! (and my Pullips looks sooo small next to her XD). Yes, I didn't wanted that color, on the website it's not the same, but it's simply perfect like this *O* And you know what ? If I put the wig of the BJD of my sister on Laëlinn, I will have ... Rosie x'D !! Rosie has the same wig as my sister's xD (it's english o.o ?) Thank you so much *O*
    • Le camélia des abysses~[Mademoiselle Tsubaki] : She is gorgeous ,il love her make-up ♥ .
    • Mundo Ara : so cute! * - * I think my eyes were darker, can never take pictures of them so clear! * - * are so beautiful * - * congratulations, she's perfect! xDDDD
    • n'étoile : J'adore, elle est splendide *O*
    • -Ticlo- : [http://www.flickr.com/photos/78773641@N04] Thank you so much :D !! [http://www.flickr.com/photos/49862579@N03] Oh really ? On the official pictures, the eys were more dark, but I like when they are clear like them ^^' (but you know, your Victorique is AWESOME with her new eyes *O*). Thank you so much :D !! [http://www.flickr.com/photos/n-etoile] Merciiiii <3
    • K u t s u s h i t a : [12:20:20] @ Kutsushita : (Mdr, je suis en train d'imaginer que c'est Laëlinn et Eleven qui chantent xDD) Elle est trop belle :D !
    • -Ticlo- : [http://www.flickr.com/photos/kutsushitaphotography] ARRETE TROP ÉNORME XDDDDD !! Merci ;) !!

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